November 6, 2007


The heat is on in my room and the window is open. Why? Because the dials don’t work on the radiator and it’s too hot with the windows closed. Even if the dials did work, the same amount of steam gets pumped into my dorm either way, and the same amount of Appalachian-mined coal gets burned to make the steam. Treehuggers are probably pulling their hair out in frustration.

My latest new habit is that I turn my laptop off every time I leave for class and before bed. I’m not sure how much energy it saves, but the fan is always running when it’s on. It’s also better for the computer, perhaps causing it to run faster and last longer (which I really need!). I’m proud of myself for doing this, even though it’s a small step.

What am I trying to illustrate? There are some things I can’t change, and some that I can.

This is something of which I am forced to continuously remind myself. As we live in an inefficient society, there will always be aspects of our lives that are inefficient. Little things that get the green guilt flowing. But it’s not each person’s job to change everything. It’s not my job to change everything. However, it is our job to change something, even if it’s as little as turning off a laptop, or walking to work one day, or picking up a candy wrapper off the ground. The key is to be happy in the changes you do make, not worry about the ones you think you should.

Why make a greener world if you’re not going to be happy in it?


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