Acronym Central: RSS and NBC

November 9, 2007

As a new blogger, I’m trying to acquaint myself with the sustainability and design blogospheres.  Not surprisingly, blog-surfing can be a time-gobbler and bedmate to procrastination.  To help keep blogging blogging and not turning into full on web-wikipedia surfing I’m trying out RSSOwl.  So far it seems to be a pleasant way to keep up with all the blogs I am discovering.  Since it has such a similar interface to email I already have a working style with the program, and am continuing many of my email habits, namely deleting as much as possible as soon as possible and keeping only what truly piques my interest.  We’ll see if it cuts down on the extra surfing.  If you know of any excellent blogs I should be reading please let me know! (no self-promotion on this one please)

NBC’s “Green is Universal” week is coming to a close.  I still have to agree with my earlier post that shipping camera crews all over the globe was a little extravagant, but I have to admit I enjoyed some of the green cameos in their programming.  Detective Crews purchasing a solar farm has to be my favorite.  Let’s hope he doesn’t sell it next week!  Hopefully the integration of their message into plot as well as commercials has penetrated the minds of Americans who might hear the message on the news but fail to consider becoming more sustainable.


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