How the Media stole Christmas

December 16, 2007

via kopipengkau

I notice more and more each year how the media seeks to corrupt the giving spirit of the season into a shopping frenzy. Whether it’s the diamond ads running every commercial break or the quaint image of a mother reading the Toys R Us catalog as a bedtime story, we are being told that the key to spreading holiday joy is through material goods.

Gifts aren’t about materiality, it’s about giving. Perhaps the best commercial I’ve seen this season involves a young man who instead of purchasing his mother a traditional gift buys a suit and tie and comes home dressed cleanly and properly (could have used a haircut though). Although he did indeed make a purchase, it isn’t something that will clutter his mother’s mantle for years to come. Instead his gift was a fond memory, a great family-photo opportunity, and the knowledge that he has invested in himself. That suit will carry him through job interviews for years to come.

Resist the advertising. Your gifts shouldn’t be quantified by the amount you spend, but qualified by the time you put in.


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